Ashley Fiolek Video Chats with Fan at HQ

Last week we had the pleasure to welcome Ashley Fiolek, 2011 AMA Women’s National Motocross Champion and VIZIO brand ambassador to VIZIO HQ. At just 21 years old, Ashley has become the face of women’s motocross. She became the Youngest Woman’s Motocross Association Champion in 2008 and is the first female rider to be featured on the cover of Transworld Motocross.

Not only is Ashley an incredible competitor, she is a role model to many. She has a passion for staying connected with her fans and is in constant communication with them via Twitter.

When we knew Ashley was coming to VIZIO HQ we asked her fans on Twitter why they would like to win a Skype call with her. After many tweets and stories from fans we selected @krewzlo - a father whose daughter is 7 years old, motocross rider and hearing impaired. She recently crashed riding and a Skype chat with Ashley is just the thing she needs to get back on the track.

Check out Ashley’s Skype call with Lauren. Then let us know how you would use the VIZIO Internet Apps TV Video Camera to connect with your friends and family.


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