Tips on the VIZIO Sound Bar from VIZIO Tech Support

If you ask any VIZIO representative what their least favorite thing is to troubleshoot, I bet 9 times out of 10 you’ll get Sound Bars for an answer. It is not that we don’t like them, because the VIZIO Sound Bars are pretty spectacular. There are only a very limited number of things that can go wrong with the Sound Bar, and I hate to admit it, but a large number is user error. Most commonly the Sound Bars are connected to an input instead of an output when using an analog (red and white cord) connection.

Check your TV’s specifications before purchasing. You might need to purchase a special cord, called an optical SPDIF cord, a lot of newer flat screens (VIZIO has models that have both analog and SPDIF) aren’t coming equipped with an analog audio out connection, so I recommend using SPDIF anyway, the audio quality will be better.

The second most common error is that the Sound Bar is on the wrong input. VIZIO sound bars have at least three separate inputs, which are indicated by the LED light that lights up when you press the input button. This is what happened to my caller. He switched the input and all the sudden the sound came on full blast. It happens more than you think and its always funny, at least just a little bit.

If you find yourself needing more assistance with your VIZIO Sound Bar, please contact us at or (877) 698-4946.


Kali Lewis

VIZIO Tech Support & Sales Rep

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