Featured VIZIO App of the Week: Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an online video service that offers a selection of hit shows, clips, movies and more. The premium programming service provided by more than 350 content companies is available for a low monthly subscription fee. 

Using the Hulu Plus app on your VIZIO Internet Connected HDTV, stream and browse content simultaneously. To browse while streaming press the “Back” key on your VIZIO remote. The current streaming content will then go to the top right corner of your screen. To return to full screen, just press the “Blue” color key on your VIZIO remote and in an instant your programming will be full screen. While streaming press the “Down” arrow key for addition options such as: Browse HuluPlus, Stop, Video Quality or Close Captions. 

To make viewing your favorite shows even easier, simple “Queue” desired TV shows and movies. To do so, enter the content’s details page and select “Add to Queue” option. This option will send the content to the Profile section at the home screen. Not only that, if you have to stop watching during a movie or TV show, HuluPlus will auto bookmark the progress on your stream. Next time HuluPlus is launched you will see a window asking if you wish to resume the TV show of movie that you were previously watching.

The user can also activate as many devices as desired using the user’s HuluPlus account information. Just remember, only one stream can be played at a time. For more information about HuluPlus click here.

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