VIZIO Featured App of the Week: Skype

This week’s featured VIZIO Internet App is Skype. Make FREE Skype to Skype video and voice calls from the comfort of your couch with the VIZIO Internet Apps (V.I.A.) TV Video Camera for V.I.A. HDTVs. Mount the slim camera on top of your V.I.A. HDTV, launch the Skype app on your TV, then start calling family and friends around the world with Skype right from your big screen, with up to 720p HD video quality**.  With 4 built-in microphones for superior audio quality, you can sit back on the couch and enjoy video calls like never before. 

You might remember when VIZIO Brand Ambassador Ashley Fiolek used the VIZIO Internet App Skype to chat with a luck fan at VIZIO HQ, if not check it out here.

To learn more and to see if your VIZIO Internet App has Skype click here.

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