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Guest to the VIZIO blog, Rob DeMillo, CTO of Revision3, shares his insights on Revision3 content for the VIZIO Co-Star.

Remember those funny jokes your friends used to tell in college? You know, the ones that tend to have references to Star Craft or Magic The Gathering? Well, if you’re a fan of that kind of humor, then check out Revision3 on your VIZIO Co-Star. Revision3 has a wide selection of great shows to choose from. Watch reviews on the latest apps, games, and movies, or enjoy hilarious interviews and talk shows with some pretty awesome personalities. If you’re not sure what to watch, check out Best of Revision3 for a collection of all the best clips in one place. Watch Revision3 in your living room with your Google TV, or if you’re on the go, you can watch from your mobile phone or tablet.

Stay Up To Date on All The Latest Technology:

If you’re in the market for a new phone or looking for cool games and apps, check out Revision3 shows like Geek Beat.TV, App Judgment, or Tekzilla. They’ll keep you entertained for hours with their subtle mixtures of humor and gadget talk. Find out the latest tips like how to become a human meme with Memefier and identify your most popular tweets with twtrland.

What’s Hot And Trending:

If you want to be aware of all the social happenings in the world including movies and reviews, then check out Revision3 shows like The Totally Rad Show or Breakin’ It Down. In The Totally Rad Show, learn factoids like how there’s an alien in every episode of South Park, where Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata give it to you straight with a dose of sarcasm and foolish humor. In Breakin’ It Down, Catherine Reitman brings you move reviews with a bite. Find out what she really thinks of Peeta’s casting in The Hunger Games or if the action scenes lived up to their previews in Wrath of the Titans.

Sit back, grab a cold soda, and enjoy Revision3, available in the Google Play Store.

Blog post by Rob DeMillo, CTO of Revision3

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