Getting Your VIZIO Prepped for Halloween

For the best scary movie environment, make sure to turn off all light in the room. Not only will this help you achieve bat cave darkness, but it also helps to reduce glare on the TV. 

All of our VIZIO TVs also have a Movie setting under Picture Mode to help make your movies look their absolute best by turning the backlight down. The backlight makes your screen look more vibrant in bright rooms, but it isn’t necessary when you have the lights dimmed low. Scary movie scenes that take place at night just aren’t as scary when the sky looks grey on your TV.

But keep in mind, that if you have smart dimming on your VIZIO TV you shouldn’t need to lower the backlight. VIZIO’s LED backlighting has more than 200 intelligent local dimming zones, creating brilliant colors and deep black levels.

Do you have tips on the best Scary Movie viewing? Let us know in the comments below!

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