New Home Theater Sound Bars Announced at CES

Today at CES we announced a new line-up of premium home theater audio solutions highlighted by the new 42” 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer and surrounds (S4251w-B4). Designed to deliver a best-in-class audio experience that serves as the perfect complement for today’s advanced HDTVs, VIZIO looks to further innovate the category with superior surround sound and new convenience features, such as a Display Remote and Bluetooth connectivity.

Offered in a range of widths to match various screen sizes, our latest audio offerings also include 54” Home Theater Sound Bars that match up in size with the rapidly growing HDTV category of 60” and larger. Make sure to check back here or on our VIZIO CES website for details throughout the week.

With a consistent focus on enhanced sound quality for today’s thin HDTVs, VIZIO’s new sound bars pack must-have technologies into a compact and modern industrial design. Upwards of 102 dB of crystal clear audio with less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion resonates from the sound bars to match great picture with superior sound. The added convenience of built-in Bluetooth support gives consumers the ability to stream music to their VIZIO sound bar directly from Bluetooth-enabled smart phones, tablets or other audio playback devices. Understanding how consumers interact with their sound bars, VIZIO developed an innovative Display Remote, eliminating the need to squint across the room to view current input, adjust bass or enable the built-in DTS audio technologies. VIZIO’s Display Remote is included with select sound bars and contains a built-in LCD display, making it easy to control sound bar settings while still relaxing on the couch.

Packed with the latest audio technology, VIZIO’s 42” 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer and surrounds provides a best-in-class surround sound solution, able to satisfy even the discerning ears of serious audiophiles. With integrated center, left and right front channels, a wireless subwoofer that can sit up to 60’ feet away and two rear satellite speakers, the S4251w-B4 Home Theater Sound Bar envelops the living room in immersive, true cinematic audio. Size-matched for 46” - 47” HDTVs, VIZIO’s newest audio solution sports a stylish design and mounts under screens as a seamless extension of the entertainment experience.

"The new 42" and 54" 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bars are engineered to elevate the consumer home theater experience to new heights at an unparalleled value," said John Schindler, VIZIO Vice President of Product Management. "VIZIO’s new slim, modern, size-matched designs complement a range of HDTV sizes and are packed with technologies to amplify audio to match the visual experience consumers have grown to expect from their HDTVs."

Further reinforcing VIZIO’s position as America’s #1 Sound Bar Company1, the new 42” and 54” sound bars further amplify the TV-watching experience by providing audio enthusiasts with a substantial quality and clarity upgrade when compared to standard, thin-frame HDTV speakers. The addition of new 54” sound bar models accommodates the explosive growth of the large-size HDTV category in America, by offering enhanced audio experience to compliment the visuals of 60” and larger units for a more cinematic experience. All VIZIO sound bars connect easily to most HDTVs with just one cable.

VIZIO’s new 2013 sound bar offerings will be on display during 2013 CES at the Wynn Hotel’s Mouton Ballroom by appointment only. The 42” 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer and surrounds (S4251w-B4) will be available at a $329.99 value with more information on the 54” models to be announced later this year. More information on VIZIO’s CES announcements can be found at