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New VIZIO Co-Star Update 

In an effort to continue enhancing the VIZIO Co-Star user experience, we have begun rolling out an Over the Air (OTA) that will be available to all Co-Star owners in the coming weeks.  This update is based upon the Google TV Version 3 platformand will further enhance the Google TV experience with new features while also adding and updating apps such as M-GO, VUDU and Amazon Instant Video (now a full app experience). 

Here is a look at the highlights of the latest product update: 

Prime Time Mini-Guide: A slick, new User Interface feature that provides a quick and highly visual way to browse programming while watching TV. A quick press of the ‘Guide’ button launches the new mini-guide interface, while a double-tap will take you to your existing set-top-box programming guide (assuming your Co-Star is configured to also control your set-top-box / DVR).

Voice Search: Google will soon release an update to the Google TV Remote App for Android smartphones and tablets (available shortly from Google Play Store) that enables users to navigate the Co-Star UI as well as issue enhanced voice commands. These voice commands, spoken into the microphone of your smartphone or tablet can be as simple as “Launch Netflix”, or more detailed searches such as “science fiction movies starring Sigourney Weaver.”

YouTube Pairing: Through the YouTube app on Android smartphones and tablets, you can now browse videos and create a queue of videos to watch through Co-Star connected to your TV. Just launch the YouTube app on Co-Star, select options and click “Pair with Mobile Device”. 

Below are the details of the latest Apps on Co-Star:

M-GONEW TO CO-STAR,M-GO, is the people-friendliest, new pay-as-you-go digital entertainment service that makes it easier than ever to browse, rent, buy and enjoy the broadest, newest and best selection of movies and TV shows. 

VUDU: If it’s out on DVD, chances are you can watch it today on VUDU. Don’t pick from a list of last year’s hits or worry about what’s in stock at the video store or kiosk. Get the movie on VUDU without the hassle – you can even watch the first few minutes for free.

Amazon Instant VideoAmazon Instant Video has more than 150,000 titles, including new release movies and next day TV episodes to rent or purchase. Purchased movies and TV episodes appear in Your Video Library, to enjoy anytime. In addition, Amazon Prime members can watch more than 35,000 videos at no additional cost to their membership. 

To learn more about the VIZIO Co-Star click here

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