Watch Your TV Anytime Using the VIZIO Co-Star & Bluetooth Headphones

Do you ever want to watch a TV marathon well in to the night only to get stopped by a loved one who wants you to turn off the TV and go to bed? With the VIZIO Co-Star you don’t have to let your marathon come to an end.

With the Co-Star’s built in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly listen to your TV and continue to enjoy your entertainment. Plus, set-up is a breeze. Click Read More to learn the two-step process to get easy TV viewing after hours.

1) To set-up your Bluetooth Headphones to your TV, go into Settings. Then select Devices —> Bluetooth —> Pair Device. 


2) Once the device is paired it will show up as an A2DP device and audio will be sent to the headset automatically:


Once your headset it paired with your Co-Star all audio is muted from your TV and routed to your headset. This allows you to have your own personal listening even when your loved ones are fast asleep.

If you have any additional questions or concerns when setting up your Bluetooth headset please contact us at VIZIO Support here.