Home Theater Review Gives VIZIO Co-Star 5 Stars

Thanks to our friends over at Home Theater for giving the VIZIO Co-Star the spotlight this week. Check out a highlight from the article here: 

"The Vizio Co-Star, for lack of a better description, is brilliant through and through. What it accomplishes for less than $100 is staggering, not to mention how seamless it a) integrates into your existing system while b) single-handedly transforming how you watch and enjoy television and movies. Moreover, my wife adores it, which is always a good thing." - Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review

To read more from Home Theater Review click here. For more information on the VIZIO Co-Star and to purchase click here.

(via Media Server & MP3 Player Reviews: Vizio Co-Star GoogleTV Media Player Reviewed)

Source hometheaterreview.com
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