100th Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO Press Conference Tomorrow

VIZIO is excited to be part of the official unveiling of the 100th Rose Bowl Game logo, the special edition game trophy and celebration highlights for the 100th game tomorrow evening at the Rose Bowl Stadium. 

The present exclusive agreement among the Tournament of Roses Association, the Big Ten Conference and the Pac-12 Conference was born in 1946. The pact is the oldest intercollegiate postseason bowl agreement between two major conferences in the United States, hence the Rose Bowl Game earning the nickname, The Granddaddy of Them All. 

Five days after this postseason milestone, the Tournament of Roses will also host the 16th and final BCS National Championship on Monday, January 6, at the Rose Bowl Stadium. This will mark the second time the Tournament of Roses has hosted two postseason bowl games in one week. The last time a national champion was crowned at the Rose Bowl Stadium was on January 7, 2010.

VIZIO will be keeping everyone up to date so make sure to check back here for more information this week. 


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