Explore the Wonders of the Ocean with ALPHIE

VIZIO would like to extend a proud “kudos” to Crystal Entertainment – a fellow supporter of Orange County, CA-based non-profit, Miracles for Kids – as they launch Alphie, a new mobile game that takes players on a one-of-a-kind plunge into the ocean.

Available beginning today in the Apple App Store,  Google Play and Amazon, this unique ocean exploration adventure allows players to exercise the natural talents of the giant squid.  

Players can camouflage to hunt and avoid predators, ink to escape, and hypnotize prey, all the while venturing through the mysterious ocean world and encountering sea creatures.  As you advance in this addictive and educative game, Alphie grows in appetite and speed to become one of the mightiest creatures of the sea.  

With immersive levels spanning multiple underwater environments, players will discover the secrets of ocean life in tidal pools, coral reefs, and the depths of the ocean.

To become a part of the adventure, be sure to download the game in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Today. We’ve gotten a chance to check it out at VIZIO HQ, and it’s addicting!

Source crystalentertainment.com
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