VIZIO Internet App of the Week: Screen Dreams

It’s the first day of August and if you are looking to bring the vacation to your TV screen make sure to check out Screen Dreams on your VIZIO Internet connected HDTV. Experience in HD famous museum-quality works of art, world-class photography, exotic Aquariums, and roaring Fireplaces with Screen Dreams Galleries, Wallpapers, and Screensavers!

Like a window to the world, Screen Dreams delivers the most choices to watch with the largest selection of ambient imagery and audio content for your Vizio device. Transform your TV into a living picture frame and enjoy your own exclusive art museum. Set the mood when entertaining and inspire conversation, or just relax in front of a virtual Fireplace or tropical Aquarium. Add ambiance and enhance any living décor with our beautiful art, photography, videos, and soothing soundtracks.

To download the app visit the Yahoo Connected App Store on your VIZIO Internet Connected TV and download Screen Dreams. For more information on VIZIO Internet Connected TVs and Apps click here.

VIZIO Featured App of the Week: Skype

This week’s featured VIZIO Internet App is Skype. Make FREE Skype to Skype video and voice calls from the comfort of your couch with the VIZIO Internet Apps (V.I.A.) TV Video Camera for V.I.A. HDTVs. Mount the slim camera on top of your V.I.A. HDTV, launch the Skype app on your TV, then start calling family and friends around the world with Skype right from your big screen, with up to 720p HD video quality**.  With 4 built-in microphones for superior audio quality, you can sit back on the couch and enjoy video calls like never before. 

You might remember when VIZIO Brand Ambassador Ashley Fiolek used the VIZIO Internet App Skype to chat with a luck fan at VIZIO HQ, if not check it out here.

To learn more and to see if your VIZIO Internet App has Skype click here.

VIZIO Featured App of the Week: LiveTraffic

LiveTraffic is a VIZIO Internet App available on your VIZIO Internet Connected TV that allows you to see traffic in your area and track your commute. Being based in Southern California, we know a thing or two about traffic and this app is sure to help solve the frustration that comes with a long commute.

Simply input the city and route you would like to track and the app will show a map with volume of traffic. Not only that, it will alert you when there are any accidents, construction, road closures and more. This is the perfect app to have on in the morning while getting ready for work. 

Featured VIZIO App of the Week: VUDU

VIZIO Internet Connected TV App, VUDU, is an entertainment streaming service that allows the user to stream new releases the same day it goes to DVD.  If it’s out on DVD, chances are you can watch it today on VUDU. Don’t pick from a list of last year’s hits or worry about what’s in stock, VUDU allows the user to watch movies without the hassle.

The app offers thousands of movies for rent or purchase, so instead of paying a monthly subscription, pay for exactly what you watch. What we like most about VUDU is the large selection of HD 1080p content. The Network Speed Test helps users determine the best video quality that your network will support. Consider hard wiring your TV with an Ethernet cord so that regardless of Wireless Internet Speed you can view the highest resolution. Once you begin to watch movies on VUDU in HDX, you won’t want to go back!

For more information about VIZIO Internet Connected TV App, VUDU, please click here.

Featured VIZIO App of the Week: Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an online video service that offers a selection of hit shows, clips, movies and more. The premium programming service provided by more than 350 content companies is available for a low monthly subscription fee. 

Using the Hulu Plus app on your VIZIO Internet Connected HDTV, stream and browse content simultaneously. To browse while streaming press the “Back” key on your VIZIO remote. The current streaming content will then go to the top right corner of your screen. To return to full screen, just press the “Blue” color key on your VIZIO remote and in an instant your programming will be full screen. While streaming press the “Down” arrow key for addition options such as: Browse HuluPlus, Stop, Video Quality or Close Captions. 

To make viewing your favorite shows even easier, simple “Queue” desired TV shows and movies. To do so, enter the content’s details page and select “Add to Queue” option. This option will send the content to the Profile section at the home screen. Not only that, if you have to stop watching during a movie or TV show, HuluPlus will auto bookmark the progress on your stream. Next time HuluPlus is launched you will see a window asking if you wish to resume the TV show of movie that you were previously watching.

The user can also activate as many devices as desired using the user’s HuluPlus account information. Just remember, only one stream can be played at a time. For more information about HuluPlus click here.

Featured VIZIO Internet App of the Week: TuneIn

What makes you feel more at home than listening to your hometown radio station? With TuneIn, it is easy to find your favorite local radio personality, listen to music from where you grew up, or discover music from around the world. In short, it makes you feel like a local. TuneIn connects you with the people and places that are important to you and brings you to the locale you want to be all via your VIZIO Internet Connected HDTV.

TuneIn is a free service that lets you listen to anything in the world from wherever you are. You can listen to podcasts, music, sports, news or current events from over 50,000 stations and 120,000 shows all over the globe. From NPR to BBC, KEXP to KROQ, you’ll quickly find your old favorites and discover new ones.

The app offers many ways to search for your type of music stations. You can search by Genre, Location, Language or Country. Or you can use the Search feature to locate the station you want to listen to. The app also allows you to navigate through the app while streaming your favorite music station, so multitasking is easy.

At any radio station page you can view recent tweets from listeners, view similar stations to the one that is currently playing, browse around for other stations, and set the station to Presets. There is no listening time limit, no personal info requested, and no membership requirement. However, it is a requirement that you are a radio head!

For more information on TuneIn click here.

Featured VIZIO Internet App of the Week: Revision3

If you are looking for the ultimate app to watch free HD previews and reviews of movies, games, gadgets and other tech info, Revision3 is one of our favorites. This app is the television network for the Internet generation, creating and producing original episodic community-driven programs. Revision3 offers its full line-up of more than 25 programs including: Tekzilla, Film Riot, Epic Meal Time and more

These shows are 100% HD and run from under a minute to over an hour. The application’s user interface makes finding content simple as it sorts shows by name, category, featured content and most recent episodes. You are able to look up specific content by using the app’s search function. Sometimes it is tedious to sit through an entire episode if you just want to watch a specific part of the show, but with this app you can view by segment. If the clip is long enough, Revision3 will offer an option to “View Segment” which allows the end user to skip directly to the part they wish to view. 

Check out the above video available on the App today and make sure to download Revision3 on your VIZIO Internet Connected TV.

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