VIZIO 80” M-Series Makes Complex Tech’s Best Gadgets of 2013

Our friends at Complex Tech gave the VIZIO 80” M-Series a huge shout out naming it one of the Best Gadgets of 2013. Check out what they have to say below:

A visually stunning 80-inch HDTV priced lower than five grand seems inconceivable these days. Vizio chose to go against the grain, equipping its new M-Series Smart TV with premium features, 3D capability, and enhanced LED edge lighting all for $1,000 less. The set expands on Vizio’s Smart TV ecosystem by providing improvements such as prompt set-up and a full collection of popular multimedia apps: including Amazon Instant Video, Facebook,HuluPlus, Netfix, 3DGO!, and many more. 

To learn more about the new VIZIO M-Series TV line-up and to find a store near you click here

(via 21. VIZIO M-Series 80-Inch Razor LED Smart TV — The Best Gadgets of 2013 (So Far) | Complex)


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