VIZIO 10 Year Anniversary Sculpture

Big thanks to upcycle artist, Gabriel Dishaw, for his work on another incredible VIZIO upcycled sculpture. To celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, we worked with Dishaw to create a one of a kind sculpture created from the things that have brought us to where VIZIO is today.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Upcycled Computer Parts Bring Music To Our Ears

Ever wondered what you could do with your old PC? Check out what YouTube user bd594 made to create this upcycled songstress. 

What would you do with your old PC to get a new VIZIO PC?

(via Old Computer Parts Bring Techie Spin to Gotye [VIDEO])

Source Mashable

Making Of The VIZIO PC Commercial

Check out the above time lapse of the VIZIO PC Commercial. The entire model was built from old PC parts to create a miniature city. We hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes video as much as we do. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Deconstruct for Good Winner Creates Star Wars Millennium Falcon Legacy 

Congratulations to Ken Swallow on winning our Deconstruct for Good contest. He created an original upcycled Star Wars Millenium Falcon Legacy made of old computer parts for the chance to win a new VIZIO Design Studio complete with VIZIO PCs.

Check out the video above of his work and let us know in the comments: What you would do with your old PC to win a new VIZIO PC?

Deconstruct for Good: Vote for Your Favorite Submissions

We asked you the question: What would you do with your old PC? We are happy to share with you the submissions for the Deconstruct for Good contest and invite you to vote for your favorites. 

Submissions ranged from a PC Monitor converted into a pet bed to musical floppy drives. We are very impressed by the creativity put into each of these submissions. Make sure to check them out and vote for your favorites by Wednesday September 5. 

Check back here for updates on Deconstruct for Good. The winner will be announced  by September 12.

Deconstruct for GOOD & Win a VIZIO PC

VIZIO is challenging you to do some GOOD with that old PC. The challenge is simple, take that piece of junk and create something new, original and innovative. The winner of the contest will receive a new VIZIO Design Studio complete with a VIZIO Thin+Light and VIZIO All-in-One. We have already received some unique entries for our contest, but it is not too late for you to enter to win.

Check out the contest here and follow us for more information on Deconstruct for GOOD.


Upcycle Artist Gabriel Dishaw Curates the VIZIO PC Press Event

VIZIO reached out to me because they were inspired by my ability to create visually stimulating works of art with old PC parts. When I learned about their vision for Deconstruct for Good I knew I had to be a part of this in some way. When I found out VIZIO employees were looking for a way to create something inspiring with their old PCs, I immediately began to work on design concepts in my mind. We showcased the above sculpture made of VIZIO employee’s old PCs at the VIZIO PC launch event this week.

Our hope is that these pieces on display simply cause people to think about doing something unique and inspiring with their old PCs. 

With programs like GOODMaker challenge, VIZIO is already inspiring individuals to Deconstruct for Good. I can’t wait for what’s to come from this program and applaud VIZIO for thinking differently.

- Gabriel Dishaw, Upcycle Artist & VIZIO Do Gooder

To learn more about VIZIO’s new PCs click here.


Over 157,300,000 computer products are trashed each year. VIZIO can help lighten this load by encouraging to create and not waste.

With our new PC Line, many people are left wondering: What do I do with my old PC? Why just throw it away when you can do something Good.

The goal is simple. Motivate people to do something inspiring and impactful. It’s time to take that old PC and Deconstruct for Good. In the coming months, VIZIO will be sharing unique ways people can Deconstruct for Good and how you can be involved. 

This July we are partnering with to challenge individuals to create something new with your old PC. The winner of the contest will receive a new VIZIO PC

Check back here for updates on Deconstruct for Good.


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