VIZIO at Nerd HQ with Joss Whedon

It is not secret that Joss Whedon, the man behind The Avengers, Buffy, Firefly, and much more, is the most sought out panelist at Comic Con 2012. We were lucky enough to have had him speak at Nerd HQ and tell us everything from what inspires him to never before heard stories about his work.

Check out the above and stay tuned for more exclusive Nerd HQ content. Who would you like to meet at Comic Con 2012?

VIZIO at Nerd HQ: Enter for the Chance to Win A PC

If you are in the San Diego area, make sure to stop by Nerd HQ at the Culy Warehouse (335 6th Ave San Diego, CA) to check out the ultimate Comic Con experience and enter for a chance to win a VIZIO PC! Be one of the first to get hands on with the VIZIO PC and enter to win a VIZIO PC of your very own.

Let us know in the comments below which VIZIO PC is on your wish list!

VIZIO at Nerd HQ: Bringing Technology to The Con

Our first day at Nerd HQ was a great start to the long weekend at Comic Con. Not only did we get to see amazing panels including The Expendables, Psych, Chuck, and Robot Chicken but we were able to share our new VIZIO PC Line with Nerd HQ attendees. 

If you are in the San Diego area, make sure to stop by Nerd HQ and enter to win a VIZIO PC Thin+Light! Find a VIZIO representative on-site for more information.

VIZIO at Nerd HQ for Comic Con 2012

This weekend VIZIO is the official technology sponsor of Nerd HQ at San Diego’s Comic Con 2012. Nerd HQ offers a series of panels from some of the top leaders in the industry from Stan Lee to Joss Whedon. But not only that, in between panels attendees can check out the latest technology VIZIO has to offer, including our new PC Line.

Make sure to check back here over the next few days to get the latest from The Con. Check out the above video from Zachary Levi discussing all the details about this year’s Nerd HQ on The Tonight Show!

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