Consumer Reports Takes a Look at the New VIZIO Touch PC Line-up

Consumer Reports gives huge shout out to the new VIZIO Touch PC Line-up. Check out what they have to say below and then head over to their site to see the full article.

Overall this laptop’s performance was excellent. It was among the fastest with productivity and Web-based tasks such as word processing, Web browsing, and scanning for malware. It was among the fastest for viewing and editing photos, and among the fastest for viewing and editing HD videos. You’ll be able to play demanding video games on this system, with smooth graphics and quick response. The sound on movies, music, and games was acceptable with the built-in speakers, but if you’re looking for the best sound you might want to add speakers or use headphones.

This laptop is a great choice for traveling. At 10.25 hours, battery life was superb, and long enough to get you through a workday with some battery life to spare. At 4.8 pounds, this is lightweight for a laptop this size.

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CNET Touts the Sound Bar for Surround Sound Devotees

Make sure to check out CNET’s review of the new 42” 5.1 Sound Bar here. The Sound Bar, which includes two rear speakers, allowing it to deliver a real surround-sound experience is sleek and features Bluetooth and Dolby/DTS decoding. It’s the perfect audio product to upgrade your VIZIO Home Theater. 

Source CNET

USA Today Talks VIZIO Sound Bar with Product Marketing Manager Matt DeHamer

If you are looking to upgrade your home theater, the VIZIO Sound Bar is the best way to get a full surround sound effect with an easy set-up, slim profile and affordable price.

Check out the above video interview with VIZIO Product Marketing Manager Matt DeHamer & USA Today. Check out their full article here.

Source USA Today

VIZIO 70” TV Makes Kotaku’s “The Moneysaver”

With the new VIZIO E-Series 70” LED Smart TV available for $1700, its Kotaku’s featured deal on The Moneysaver this week. There really is no such thing as going too big, and the VIZIO 70” makes your big screen dreams a reality.

Check out more info on the E-Series 70” LED Smart TV here

(via The Moneysaver: A 70” TV, A Gaming Chair, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen)


8 Ways To Demo Your Mothers’ Day Devotion

Make sure to head on over to Intel’s LifeScoop to check out their Top 8 Mother’s Day Gift ideas featuring the VIZIO Thin+Light Touch PC

If your love for Mom knows no bounds, this is the product for her. The new 27-inch all-in-one elegantly combines a powerful PC with premium entertainment, a brilliant touchscreen display, and the Windows 8 experience.

Conveniently tap, swipe or pinch to jump between the Web, movies, shows and work with a stunning Full HD touchscreen display, 2.1 audio with SRS surround sound, remote control and dual HDMI inputs. 

(via 8 Ways to Demo Your Mothers’ Day Devotion | LifeScoop)


Gigaom’s Cord Cutter Review of the VIZIO Co-Star

Interested in cutting your cable? The VIZIO Co-Star may be the perfect product to help you make the leap. Check out what Gigaom has to say about the Co-Star and learn how to decrease your bills and increase your streaming. Learn more about the VIZIO Co-Star here.

Cord Cutters: Vizio’s Co-Star reviewed (by gigaom)


VIZIO Co-Star Receives Top Marks from Big Picture Big Sound

Our friends at Big Picture Big Sound received one of the first looks at the VIZIO Co-Star at CES, but after receiving the product they had a few more thoughts on the unit. The VIZIO Co-Star is now available on, Walmart, Amazon, and Sam’s Club.

Make sure to check out what they have to say here. For more information on the VIZIO Co-Star click here.


VIZIO PC Makes Gear Patrol’s Top 5 Best All-in-One Computers

VIZIO makes the top five list for Gear Patrol’s favorite All-in-One PCs. Check out all the details hereTo find out more details on the VIZIO PC Line-up, availability and pricing click here

(via 5 Best All-In-One Computers - Gear Patrol)


VIZIO’s Touch PC Line-up Available for Pre-Order

Check out this first look with VIZIO Product Marketing Manager Robynne Lee as she gives you a hands on with the new VIZIO PC line at CES 2013. Make sure to check out the full product suite here.

Home Theater Review Gives VIZIO Co-Star 5 Stars

Thanks to our friends over at Home Theater for giving the VIZIO Co-Star the spotlight this week. Check out a highlight from the article here: 

"The Vizio Co-Star, for lack of a better description, is brilliant through and through. What it accomplishes for less than $100 is staggering, not to mention how seamless it a) integrates into your existing system while b) single-handedly transforming how you watch and enjoy television and movies. Moreover, my wife adores it, which is always a good thing." - Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review

To read more from Home Theater Review click here. For more information on the VIZIO Co-Star and to purchase click here.

(via Media Server & MP3 Player Reviews: Vizio Co-Star GoogleTV Media Player Reviewed)


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