Home Theater Review Gives VIZIO Co-Star 5 Stars

Thanks to our friends over at Home Theater for giving the VIZIO Co-Star the spotlight this week. Check out a highlight from the article here: 

"The Vizio Co-Star, for lack of a better description, is brilliant through and through. What it accomplishes for less than $100 is staggering, not to mention how seamless it a) integrates into your existing system while b) single-handedly transforming how you watch and enjoy television and movies. Moreover, my wife adores it, which is always a good thing." - Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review

To read more from Home Theater Review click here. For more information on the VIZIO Co-Star and to purchase click here.

(via Media Server & MP3 Player Reviews: Vizio Co-Star GoogleTV Media Player Reviewed)

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VIZIO Launches New Premium PC Line-Up, Refreshed with Full HD High Performance Touchscreens with Windows 8

We are excited to announce the pricing and availability of VIZIO’s spring 2013 line-up of Windows 8 PCs, equipped with 10-finger capacitive touch displays on every new model and supported by outstanding picture quality and rich audio.  With select models now available for pre-order at VIZIO.com and on sale at MicrosoftStore.com, each Thin + Light and All-in-One model offers seamless touchscreen technology, powerful performance and premium entertainment enhancements for the ideal interactive Windows 8 experience.

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Watch Your TV Anytime Using the VIZIO Co-Star & Bluetooth Headphones

Do you ever want to watch a TV marathon well in to the night only to get stopped by a loved one who wants you to turn off the TV and go to bed? With the VIZIO Co-Star you don’t have to let your marathon come to an end.

With the Co-Star’s built in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly listen to your TV and continue to enjoy your entertainment. Plus, set-up is a breeze. Click Read More to learn the two-step process to get easy TV viewing after hours.

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3D Disney Movies Coming Soon to VIZIO

Unique to the VIZIO Theater 3D Smart TV experience is SENSIO’s 3DGO!, the world’s first dedicated 3D video-on-demand service featuring a wide array of 3D content including the latest Hollywood blockbuster titles.

Based on the award-winning SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D technology, 3DGO! Is the perfect app for 3D movie enthusiasts that desire instant access to new 3D content as it requires no subscription or additional equipment. 3DGO! will be available on select VIZIO Theater 3D Smart TVs in 2013. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

(via 3D Disney movies headed to Vizio TVs via new 3DGo streaming service | The Verge)

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VIZIO All-in-One Makes Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best First Impression

Thanks to our friends at Entrepreneur Magazine for naming the VIZIO All-in-One with Windows 8 the Best First Impression! If you are in the decision process of upgrading to Windows 8, make sure to check out Entrepreneur Magazine’s article here

Monday morning in the office gets a little better when you get to look at this beauty. Hello, VIZIO All-in-One

VIZIO 60” LED Smart TV Makes Men’s Journal Approved List

Thanks Men’s Journal for placing the VIZIO 60” LED Smart TV on your approved list. We couldn’t be more excited. To learn more about the award and the VIZIO 60” TV click here

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Co-Star with Mini-Guide

New VIZIO Co-Star Update 

In an effort to continue enhancing the VIZIO Co-Star user experience, we have begun rolling out an Over the Air (OTA) that will be available to all Co-Star owners in the coming weeks.  This update is based upon the Google TV Version 3 platformand will further enhance the Google TV experience with new features while also adding and updating apps such as M-GO, VUDU and Amazon Instant Video (now a full app experience). 

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Large Size TV Sale For The Big Game

Make sure to check out our latest sale on our 60” and 70” Smart TVs and save up to $400! Check out all the details here. 

How will you be celebrating the big game this year?

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VIZIO PC Line-Up Demo from CES 2013

Check out this first look of our full PC line-up announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Hear from VIZIO Product Marketing Manager Robynne Lee as she walks you through the different PC models.

What VIZIO PC do you like the most?

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