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Congrats ashleycayers on your new VIZIO Smart TV and thanks for being a VIZIO fan!

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A Closer Look at VIZIO Smart Dimming Technology

Check out this quick VIZIO Smart Dimming demo straight from VIZIO HQ. On the left we are playing a movie and on the right you can see VIZIO’s Smart Dimming technology in action. We have removed the LCD screen on the VIZIO TV on the right which gives you clear view of the LED backlight.

As you can see, the intelligent local dimming zones ensure that your picture gives you the optimal brightness and consistency which delivers a lifelike image. Check out the above video to see how the LED backlight dims and brightens during the different scenes in the movie.

Check out more about VIZIO picture quality here and make sure to follow VIZIO on Vine for more behind-the-scenes action at VIZIO HQ.


Calling All VIZIO Fans: VIZIO Fandemonium is Now Here!

We are excited to announce our newest social community for our fans is now live. VIZIO Fandemonium is an online social community that lets our fans rally together, earning points along the way, to redeem prizes that only VIZIO can offer. From entering for the chance to win a VIZIO M-Series 80” TV or subscriptions to some of your favorite apps such as Netflix, Hulu & MGO we have the bases covered.

The best part? You get to earn these prizes for doing things you are already doing such as “Liking” VIZIO on Facebook, Visiting and much more. 

Make sure to sign up for your own VIZIO Fandemonium account here and let the games begin!

VIZIO Wins Best TV Brand

Thanks to all our fans who voted VIZIO for Reader’s Choice for Best TV Brand. We appreciate your support and are working to continue to bring you the latest technology at the best value.

To check out the full results from Reader’s Choice click here

Thanks VIZIO Superfans for Sharing Your VIZIO Gear

Thanks to all of our fans over the last week who have tweeted, posted and sent us photos of their VIZIO set-up. We wouldn’t be here without your support over the last 10 years. 

If you would like to be featured on the VIZIO blog, tag us in your Tumblr posts with #VIZIOFans or tweet us here.

Happy Caturday from VIZIO! Thanks shallamarshiska for the post and glad you are enjoying your VIZIO Blu-ray Player!


Got a new blu ray today, since my other one didn’t have Wi-Fi… now I can Netflix on the big screen whenever I want mwahahahahahaa #bluray #Netflix #cat #vizio

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It’s the weekend and these VIZIO fans are legit. Thanks for posting! What will you be watching on your VIZIO this weekend? 

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