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VIZIO Fan linette-callzdebez shares her favorite VIZIO Smart TV app, what’s your #1 VIZIO Smart TV App?

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A Closer Look at VIZIO Smart Dimming Technology

Check out this quick VIZIO Smart Dimming demo straight from VIZIO HQ. On the left we are playing a movie and on the right you can see VIZIO’s Smart Dimming technology in action. We have removed the LCD screen on the VIZIO TV on the right which gives you clear view of the LED backlight.

As you can see, the intelligent local dimming zones ensure that your picture gives you the optimal brightness and consistency which delivers a lifelike image. Check out the above video to see how the LED backlight dims and brightens during the different scenes in the movie.

Check out more about VIZIO picture quality here and make sure to follow VIZIO on Vine for more behind-the-scenes action at VIZIO HQ.



Having #netflix on your remote control is the best thing ever!! #movies #vizio #movielover #happiness #priceless #bestinvention

Thanks natycow! Enjoy the best VIZIO Smart TV apps at your fingertips.

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